Temperature Control

Indicating and non-indicating, single point and system integration.  Outputs include relays, pulsed DC, linear voltage or mA.  Inputs include thermocouples, RTDs, linear voltage and mA.

Temperature Controllers come in different styles, sizes and complexity.  From a simple non-indicating PCB to a PLC-like multi-channel controller, Summit Dynamics can provide the right controller for your application.  We sell brands like Omron, Love, Cal, West, Athena, and Eurotherm.

To be successful, the controller parameters must match the process requirements.  Is the process fast or slow?  Is there likely to be overshoot?  If so, is temperature overshoot OK?  Does the temperature control response match the response of the heater?  Should the controller be self-tuning?  Are alarms needed on the controller?  What output should be used?  What types of outputs are available?

Knowing the answers to these questions will result in easy set up and operation as well as the most cost effective controller.

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