Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative Blowers

Summit Dynamics, Inc. distributes regenerative blowers manufactured by Republic Sales and Manufacturing.

General Characteristics of Regenerative Blowers Characteristics
In general, regenerative blowers are either single stage or two stage.  As implied, a two stage blower adds an impeller to generate additional pressure.  Pressure and flow vary considerably depending on model.  Blower specifications are given in terms of Air Flow (actual cubic feet per minute, or acfm) and pressure (usually in inches of H2O).  Air Flow numbers are based on free flow (no flow restriction after blower exit); and pressure rating is the maximum allowable pressure before blower begins to over heat.

Flow and Pressure Ranges for Single Stage and Two Stage Blowers
Single Stage:
Flow:             0 to 706 acfmsingle stage regenerative blower
Pressure:      0 to 169″ H2O
Vacuum:       0 to 150″ H2O

Two Stage:
Flow:             0 to 776 acfm
Pressure:      0 to 236″ H2O
Vacuum:       0 to 236″ H2O

Regenerative Blower Model Information
Single Stage Regenerative Blower Model Matrix, Data Sheets, and Specifications

Regenerative Blower Pressure/Vacuum Curves
Single Phase Pressure Curves
Three Phase Pressure Curves
Single Phase Vacuum Curves
Three Phase Vacuum Curves