TUTCO SureHeat Air Heaters

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The core of each TUTCO SureHeat air heater is a serpentine element designed for efficient transfer of energy to the gas stream passing across the resistance wire.  The result is a compact, efficient, rapid response  air heater.

With proper control, these electric air heaters are capable of maintaining temperatures +/- 1 Degree F.  It is possible to heat air to 1600 Deg F (as measured at exit of heater).

Heater housings are constructed to handle a variety of pressures – to 150 psig or greater.  Some heaters have a low pressure drop, and can be used for high volume air sources (blowers), other heaters are more compact units for heat transfer efficiency but greater pressure drop, for use with compressed gas sources.

ModelPhasekWMax Air Temp °F (°C)Max Air Pressure psi (bar)Use With Blower?Spec Sheet
Series I, II, III10.6 - 2.41600 (871)7 (0.5)NoSeries Heaters Data Sheet
Hot Air Tool11.5 - 3.51400 (760)60 (4)NoHot Air Tools Data Sheet
Serpentine II, VI12.0 - 8.01500 (815)25 (1.7)NoSerpentine II and VI Data Sheet
Threaded Inline1/31.6 - 18.01400 (760)150 (10)No
SUREHEAT® JET13.0 - 8.01400 (760)60 (4)YesSUREHEAT JET Data Sheet
SUREHEAT® MAX1/36.0 - 36.01400 (760)60 (4)YesSUREHEAT MAX Data Sheet
SUREHEAT® MAX HT330.0 - 36.01652 (900)60 (4)YesSUREHEAT MAX HT Data Sheet
SKORPION™11.5 - 4.51400 (760)1 (0.07)YesSKORPION Data Sheet
Flanged Inline318.0 - 400.01500 (815)150 (10)Yes