Other Heaters

Each of these heaters has limitations on watt density, size, and operating environment but will excel in specific applications.  Please call or email us for more information about your application.

Silicone Rubber Blanket Heaters (SRB’s)
SRB’s are made by encasing an electric element between two layers of silicone rubber and bonding the rubber together.  These heaters can be made in almost any size or shape.  SRBs excel in low temperature environments (400° F or less) where contact heating is required.  The rubber makes this heater excellent for moist environments (but not for submerging or outdoor use).  SRBs are not suitable for use around petroleum products as these products will degrade the rubber.  Because of the heater’s flexibility and distributed elements, this heater is well suited for contact applications like heating hoppers, hot plates, warming bottoms of pans or containers.  The heater can be made in almost any shape or size.  Options such as speed lacing, eyelets, thermocouples, holes, zoned elements, can add to the usefulness of this type of heater.

Fiberglass Mesh Blanket Heaters
A close relative of the SRB, Glass Mesh blanket heaters are manufactured by wrapping the element in fiberglass strands and then weaving the elements together to form a flexible blanket.  This style of blanket heater has a heat advantage over SRBs, as it can operate in the 700°-800° F range.  These elements should not be used in moist environments, as fiberglass tends to attract water, causing short circuits and element failure.  Options such as thermocouples, lacing, and zoned elements are also available on this style of heater.

Heated Hoses
Heated hoses are ideal for conveying temperature critical liquid from a holding tank to the applicator.  Material such as wax, epoxy, and glue are all examples of materials that need controlled temperatures at the point of application. Heated hoses are constructed in layers.  The inner core is usually a Teflon or stainless lined tube, covered by a cushion, surrounded by the heater element, covered by thermal insulation and an outer cover for mechanical protection.


Also Available:
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•Glass Mesh Heat Tape
•Small Diameter Tubular Style Heaters
•High Temperature Ceramic Elements
•Electric Furnace Elements
•Insulated Glass Mesh Blanket Heaters