Electric Process Heaters

Advantages of Electric Process Heaters:
• Simple installation
• Precisely & easily controlled
• No contaminating combustion gasses
• Specific heater types can be configured to a specific application
• Heaters come in many types (convection, radiant, immersion, flanged, etc)

Main Types of Electric Heaters:

Air Heaters – configuration of heater depends on efficiency and exit temperature required, nature and amount of the gas being heated, air source, and operating environment

Band Heaters – Band heaters excel in transferring heat from the element to a cylindrical surface.  Band heaters can be constructed in different ways depending on the operating environment and electrical requirements.

Cartridge Heaters –  Cartridge heaters are useful in any application where a cylindrical hole can be drilled, or heater can be immersed in fluid. By adapting leads, heated length, watt distribution, temperature measurement, and style of heater exit, this type of heater is one of the most versatile.

Strip Heaters – Strip heaters can be configured for different lengths, widths, construction, electrical connections, thicknesses, and fastening options.  Used when a flat surface needs to be heated.

Tubular Heaters – Tubular Heaters, commonly known as Calrods®, are the most versatile electric heater for most industrial applications.  Tubular heaters can be constructed in different diameters, different lengths, bent into different shapes, and made from different materials.  Elements are used as infrared heaters, immersion heaters, contact heaters, and convection heaters.

Radiant Heaters – Radiant Heaters, also known as Infrared heaters, heat objects by transmitting infrared energy.  The type of radiant heater is normally determined by a combination of installation and target object.  Normally classified as long, medium, or short wave emitters.

Flexible Heaters (Silicone, Kapton, Heated Hoses, Knitted Heaters) – Flexible heaters are used to heat irregular surfaces.  Generally lower watt density than heaters above, these heaters excel in low temperature applications.

Other Heaters–  Other types of electric heaters include: heated MI cable, heat tape, open coil heaters; tungsten, silicon carbide, and molybdenum furnace elements

Heater Accessories:

  • blowers
  • inlet filters
  • nozzles, manifolds
  • air knives
  • flow and pressure switches
  • high temperature wire
  • ceramic terminal caps and wire nuts
  • high temperature cement
  • housings
  • insulation
  • high temperature RTV