Custom Heat Systems

Summit Dynamics offers design and integration services to engineer a turn-key heat system tailored to your specific needs.


Custom Heat System

For applications where molten salt is used to cure extrusion profiles, Summit Dynamics can design a custom heat system to strip the salt from the profile at the exit end of a salt tank using forced air. Air must be heated to a point above the melting point of the salt in order to keep salt from “freezing” on the extrusion. Blower systems are easily controlled by a control panel. At the panel, the blower can also be interlocked with heater controls and safety devices.

How will a custom heat system benefit you?

  1. Improved Product Quality: Salt spots and residue on extruded profiles are reduced.
  2. Reduced Operating Expenses: A slower increase in rinse tank salinity leads to a reduction of rinse water changes, thus decreasing water consumption and energy needed to heat water. Additionally, expenses associated with salt waste and waste water disposal are reduced.
  3. Reduced Raw Material Costs: Maximum amount of salt is retained and not flushed away with waste water. Improved finished part quality reduces wasted parts that are not suitable for sale
  4. Reduced Stress on Air Compressor Systems: A properly sized blower is more efficient than using compressed air. Use of a blower system frees capacity of an air compressor for use in other operations where compressed air cannot be substituted.

Many operations realize such significant cost savings within six to eight months of the system’s operation (dependent upon operating hours per day) that the entire cost of the system is recuperated in that time frame.


Examples of custom heat systems:

Hot Air Unit:
– Capable of 1400 Degree F air at a flow rate of 100 CFM.
– Consisted of a blower, heaters, control panel, plumbing, temperature controls, and power switching.
– Blower and panel mounted on steel skid for portability
– Blower connected to heaters by 10′ of tubing, allowing flexible heater placement.

Panel and Control Retrofit:
The addition of PLC and solid state relays made the system more stable, more repeatable, and less expensive to operate.

Sepcialty Elements:
Designed heating elements to preheat molds and filters before pouring molten metal, preventing blocked filters and scrap parts.

Integration and Design