Summit Dynamics distributes blowers and air knife systems from Republic Sales and Manufacturing.

Regenerative and centrifugal blowers excel at producing large volumes of air needed for many industrial applications. Blowers can be used independently or in conjunction with air knives. Blowers generate air pressure and volume  while air knives direct the flow directly at a target. When selecting a blower or blower system, the type of blower should match the requirements of the application, be reliable, and be easy to maintain and service.

Republic RB500 Centrifugal BlowerRepublic Regenerative Blower

In certain applications, compressed air is a requirement (i.e. pneumatic cylinders, air driven tools, paint sprayers). However, many applications are well suited for the high volume air provided by a blower. Air flow generated by blowers has several inherent advantages over compressed air.

Advantages of Blowers over Compressed Air:

  • Cost Savings – Blowers are highly efficient in comparison to compressed air systems at producing high air volumes. Absence of traditional oil/water filters reduces cost of parts and maintenance.
  • Clean Air – Blowers do not require oil lubricants and are condensate free, keeping the air stream clear of residue and water droplets.
  • Independent Deployment – No need for drop lines or high-pressure piping. Blowers are independent of one another. Shutting down one blower in an application will not affect the operation of others.

Examples of Uses for Blowers include:

  • Drying (bottle/can drying, stamped part drying)
  • Debris Removal (dust removal, trim removal, static electricity elimination)
  • Aeration (fish farms, chemical tanks)
  • Mixing (sediment, fluid circulation)
  • Vacuum (bottling)
  • Ventilation (air replenishment, landfill gas removal)
  • Material Transfer (pneumatic conveying tubes, card/paper stock feeding, vacuum cups)