Air Knives

General Air Knife Characteristics
Design considerations of air knives include cross-section shape, ability to adjust gap, consistency of gap, inlet placement and size, and ease of mounting. These factors all have an effect on performance.

Reasons to Install a Blower/Air Knife System:
•Improve product quality
•Reduce operating costs
•Reduce energy costs
•Reduce scrap
•Lower maintenance costs
•Reduce burden on existing compressor
•Save additional capital costs to upgrade / replace existing compressor.

Air Knife System Components:
•Air source
•Distribution channels (plumbing)
•Mounting hardware
•Air knives

Although some air knives are specifically designed for use with compressed air, this page will focus on air knives and plumbing designed for use with blowers (both centrifugal and regenerative).

Purpose of Air Knife System:
The purpose of an air knife or blower system is to deliver sufficient quantity of air at sufficient pressure to accomplish desired results.   The application may be to dry moving parts, clean conveyor systems, remove waste, cooling.  Whatever the application, the system must be sized correctly in order to get best possible results.

Designing the correct system:
Most air knife / blower system applications are unique, requiring individual evaluation and solutions to achieve the best results.  Variables to consider when sizing or evaluating a system: speed of target; distance from target; shape of target; required pressure; mounting blower and knives; manifold system